Number 50 Kloof street, Prensent Space

Once you get over the “not so charming” assistants who think you don’t understand Afrikaans, you’ll find yourself in a space where you have no choice but to buy things (I advise not to go here after pay day) and although its not the kind of “kagel kakkies” I would buy for my home, I definitely found a few nick-nacks for my desk at the office. see my awesome gold dinosaur below, I named him “Littlefoot” (the protagonist in “Land Before Time”)







I walk past this store every day of my life and always had a great attraction to the amazing pieces of furniture in it. But it wasn’t until I walk passed last night that I realised why. This place reminds me of my dads home when i was a kid, stylish, sophisticated and awesome.

Number -33.886172,19.077948, Maison Wine Estate

In 2013 My Senior, Shaun McCormack and I were tasked with rebranding Maison Wine Estate’s wine label, but in the process we were tasked to rebranding the wine farm and doing all the photography for the farm and while we won an award for the label, credit is due to the Photographer and stylist Dirk Pieters and Hellen Botes, respectively. Great things happen with an awesome client (owners of Weylandts furnature) and an awesome team and an awesome boss.





When i found out my friend Greg was selling his studio apartment and buying a Georgian slash victorian home in Gardens, I was gutted and excited, but mostly gutted. It was that super-awesome-lemon-disco kinda place, it just felt awesome being there. It was this giant and intricate shrine he had built to show off his immense talent (also seen through his work), one big display cabinet for the awesome things he liked to collect. Enough talking though, just look at the pics and careful not to drool over your keyboard, iPad or phone.




Facade of the day (Dutch Reformed Church, Swellendam)

Facade of the day (Dutch Reformed Church, Swellendam)

After Swellendam was established in 1745, the burghers established a congregation only 53 years later in 1798. The first pastor was JH von Manger. Prior to this, the Drostdy served as the venue for religious ceremonies and services were led by universal caregivers.

The first thatched roof church was built in 1802 by Christoffel Koents. This church was broken down in 1910 to make room for a bigger church which was built by 1911, and celebrates it centenary in 2011. The steeple was built from yellow wood from the old church. The current church was built with eclectic architectural features, Gables in Baroque style, the windows in Gothic, an Eastern Cupola and the steeple a replica of a famous one in Belgium.

The Church and Cemetery are which contain more than 700 graves was enclosed by a ring-wall in 1840. The front wall has since been moved twice, but the Cape teak entrance gates and the arched gateway are the original.